INFORMATION: “CLEAN HANDS” (Wash Without Water) is the product many manufacturers try to copy, because doctors, nurses and surgeons have been significantly involved in its development, and it is the product they themselves use every day after scrubbing for surgery and before putting on their gloves. “Clean Hands” is also used by the Military Forces, Police Forces, Red Cross and UN personnel, Doctors without Borders, who risk their lives everyday out in the field, by danger of getting infected, because lack of water, soap, towels and other facilities.

Today everyone can use “Clean Hands” for daily use: Bank & Post Office Clerks, Taxi Drivers, who handle all kinds of “cash” money in their hands. Airport-personnel, and other people in the Service-Sector, who cannot just leave their post at all times.

We have named it ”Clean Hands”, or “Wash Without Water”; though you can use it all over your body. Helps calm mild allergic reactions. Reduces the pain and itching of insect-bites, like bee`s and mosquito`s, as well as jellyfish-stings, instantly. If you shower in public places, rub it under your feet against athlete´s foot and nail fungus.

An added bonus is, that it also is good for cleaning your PC-keyboard, as well as to wipe the public toilet-seat before using it, and after hand-washing.


“Clean Hands” should always be kept in your pocket, handbag, travel bag, glove-compartment in your car, first-aid bag, boat, house and garage. But of course, also in the kitchen as daily hygiene, in connection of food preparation. It is highly effective in arctic areas. Withstands coldness below minus 50° C (-120° F).

1. Alcohol 82% kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, fungal-spurs, SARS, Hepatitis, H1N1 and HIV virus infections.
2. Chlorhexidine 0.5% for disinfecting of small wounds, mosquito-bites, scrapes and other injuries.
3. Glycerin 0.5% prevents dryness of your skin, even after many daily uses.
4. Hydroxypropylcellulose-gel makes the fluid stay in the bottle, if you should drop it open, onto the floor.
5. The bottle/container has both turn and tip-lid, and can therefore be handled with one hand.
6. The bottle is made of non-poisonous, high-impact PE-LLD & PP in non-polluting materials.
7. When incinerated after use, the bottle material turns into carbon-dioxide, water and energy (CO2 / H2O)

We all try to be polite and hold our hand over our mouth, while sneezing and coughing, often just before shaking hands with someone else. We travel to all parts of the world; how many people handle your luggage during that time ? How often do you clean your luggage handles ? Think what has been accumulated on them over the years. How many people continually go in and out the same door ? How often is that door-handle cleaned for sweaty hands and bacteria ? We could go on and on, but think that you have got the idea.

USER DIRECTION: On top of the tip-lid you press on “PRESS OPEN”. Then turn the bottle upside down and squeeze out a small amount of “Clean Hands” (Wash Without Water) in your hand. Rub it completely over surface of hands and skin until it is air-dry, in about 15 seconds.

INGREDIENTS: 82% Alcohol Denat, 15,8% Aqua, 1,2% Hydroxypropylcellulose, 0,5% Glycerin, 0,5% Chlorhexidine Digluconate


Made in Denmark 



US 3,05 fl.oz ( 90ml ) 


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